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TV pitch experts, Mark & Jeanne Simon, are the hosts of this one hour teleseminar that will demystify TV conferences and how you can make the most out of them.

Their guest will be Amber Lawson who is a former SVP of Development for National Lampoon. Amber is a TV conference veteran who will share her successful pitch strategies and divulge how one chance meeting at a conference changed her entire career.  

Rick Feldman, president of NATPE
Claire MacDonald, Realscreen Summit
Ian Lambur, Kidscreen Summit
Amber Lawson, Babelgum

Mark & Jeanne will also reveal:

  • How to land dozens of pitches in one day
  • The top 3 newbie mistakes to avoid 
  • Benefits of TV conferences that only insiders know
  • The best conferences to pitch your show
  • How to wring every penny of value out of a conference


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