FREE TELESEMINAR - The Truth About TV Pitches

Mark & Jeanne Simon - Pitch TV Like A Pro

Marc & Elaine Zicree

PLUS, we gave away a two year subscription to our hugely popular TV Pitch Tips Audio Postcards – a $230 value – to one lucky winner, Greg Doucette. 


Join us for a replay of our teleseminar/webinar.

If knowledge is power, then knowing what happens in a TV pitch meeting will empower you to get what you want - your show on TV.

The Simons and Zicrees covered:

  • The pitch technique we use to draw them into the concept

  • The flow of a pitch meeting

  • 3 sure-fire ways to build a bridge between you and the pitch catchers

  • When to hand them your treatment or show your sizzle reel

  • The #1 question YOU should ask an executive 

  • plus much more

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